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you can take care of everything else that makes your business great!

Looking for a Marketing or Information Technology (IT) company near you? Do you need someone to manage your business's online presence? Looking to make innovative changes to your network or to improve how you communicate with your consumers? No matter what the project you have in mind is, you can trust our team of certified professionals to design and develop a cost effective solution that works for you. We make sure all of our strategies are current, relevant, and tested to ensure your business never falls behind in this fast changing digital world.  

We understand how difficult it is to manage a business while still doing the background work like marketing your business efficiently and protecting your data and devices.


Our mission is to become your one-source solution for all your marketing and technology needs. We are excited to make you unique and engaging content that will build your brand and reach bigger audiences online. We handle everything digital for you, so you can take care of everything that makes your business great.


Making IT simple for you! We make sure all your software and hardware are up to date and your network is compliant, scalable and secure

We are more than just another company that provides Marketing and IT Services in El Paso, TX. We aim to be a resource to the community by providing useful information about Marketing / IT strategies and show you how they can be tremendously beneficial to your business. 

When we connect and start working with a new client, we see it as much more than just another project. We think of it as a partnership because once we help you grow, we grow with  you. Our customer service is guaranteed to surpass all your expectations because we are passionate about what we do.

We have had the privilege to work with several small and medium businesses over the years and noticed that most discrepancies, issues and delays happened when several third-party companies were involved in Marketing and IT projects; mainly because of communication issues. Even if everything was running smoothly, the manager or owner frequently said, "I wish we could talk to just one company to get the results we need." They were not wrong! Having many companies involved increases the chance of cumulative error and could cause delays or impaired results.

Fast-forward to 2020, At Nova Design was established out of a necessity for small and medium business to share their voice online in a secure and efficient manner. We have been designing  both, IT Solutions that keeps your network secure and Marketing solutions that puts you on top of the competition. We would love to become a valuable asset to you and your company. Contact us today and see how we can help 

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