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La Familia del Paso is a non-profit organization that offers an array of services to benefit the mental health community in  El Paso, Texas. These services were initiated per behavioral health consumers to target specific needs and behaviors that are distinct to the mental health population. With this vision in mind, LFDP has grown to be one of the primary mental health providers i­n West Texas.

How We Help

Website Design

We provide an informational and secure website that allows viewers to learn about mental health. Plus, viewers can easily contact a member of La Familia by submitting a form through their website.

Email Campaigns

When La Familia hired us, they were at a 2.3 average review in google. By implementing efficient marketing campaigns we were able to bump them up to a 4.1 in only 2 weeks. This is only one example of a successful marketing campaign.

Local Studio and Photographers

La Familia hosts many events outside their office, which are great opportunities to gather unique content. They schedule the date in advance and we take care of the rest. 

Unlimited Graphic Design

All content we create includes unlimited edits. This ensures the result will be something you love. 


By implementing QR-codes La Familia has increased their website traffic and data collection significantly. Almost everyone carries a smart phone, allow them to scan your code and reach you quickly. 

Google My Business

We setup and administer google business accounts for La Familia. We make sure their content is always optimized and relevant. Never violate policy, we know the fine print. 



We have strengthened La Familia's brand by implementing a marketing plan. This includes logo redesign, website redesign, merchandise, promoting values and mission, etc.

Data Collection

We have developed surveys and forms that help management understand the consumer perspective. Due to the results, La Familia has made changes to improve their overall client experience. 

Social Media Management

We manage Facebook and Instagram for La Familia. We make sure their accounts are fully configured and all their content is optimized. All content is pre-approved and posted in a scheduled basis. All accounts have been constantly growing. 

Business Priority Support

La Familia is a business that needs a team that they can count on. We go above and beyond normal business hours. We are always a text, phone call or email away. Most technical issues we can resolve within minutes. Edits are usually in your inbox by the end of day. 

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Optimize the Brand


Relevant Blogging


Professional Photographers


Efficient Brochoures


Unlimited Photoshoots

Webinars and Videography