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IT Solutions
Information Technology


We Make IT Simple.

Having us as your local IT company assures that your technology runs smoothly and efficiently and whenever it does not we will be readily available remotely or on site providing the IT support your business needs to address the issue. We believe in being proactive so we monitor and check your network on a daily basis. Our disaster recovery solutions can guarantee business continuity and peace of mind. Through our distributor partnerships we can provide competitive pricing on hardware and software from Google, Dell, Webroot, Zoom, Ring Central, 3CX, Spectrum, and many others. 

Managed IT Services

We go above and beyond device management. Our goal is to learn and study how your current business network operates, therefore giving us the ability to always provide the best technological solutions at the same friendly flat-rate!

Server Installation

Connecting with us means you get the equivalent of an in-house IT department for a small fraction of the cost. We will work proactively to ensure your hardware and software are running at their best. Plus, when you do need us, we will be readily available. 

Ready to Upgrade?


Even if technology fails or an unforeseen disaster occurs your business should be able to operate, especially because consumers will not stop showing up, right? This is called business continuity and we can help you achieve it with zero to minimal downtime depending on the solution.

Image by benjamin lehman

Is the File Corrupt or not there?

Don't sweat it, we can turn back time and restore your files in most cases. It depends on how data was stored and the damage done. Nevertheless, your data will be the envy of others and will be well taken care of.

Hakuna Matata

Computer Programming

Cyber Security and Training

Is your line of industry requiring you to be HIPAA, HITECH or PCI compliant? For instance, if you are accepting debit/credit card payments, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requires you to meet certain security requirements that we can handle for you.

Robots with Guns

No matter the size of your company, cybersecurity measures should be implemented to protect you from malicious intent and improve the confidence of your company. Allow us to proactively secure your entire network today.

Defense is our Best Attack.

Network Administration

We keep clean and useful documentation of your network topology to facilitate things for you. Password management, asset inventory, and proper structuring are key elements in maintaining an effective network. 

Levitating Objects

Easily and securely access business files from home or anywhere you go without the cloud. Our experts can configure a secure "tunnel" that allows you to connect to your business network from a different location. There are many ways to do this and we can configure the right one for you.

Take your Work Anywhere you go!

Cloud Solutions

Should your business be migrating and benefiting from the cloud? Using reputable companies like Microsoft, Amazon and Google is a modern solution to cut down hardware expenses and access your files fast and securely

Data Cloud

Using vast amounts of paper? Is it getting complicated to organize so many physical files? Are all those cut down trees getting to your conscience?

Upload your Business

VoIP Phone Systems

Trying to upgrade the way you communicate in-house and to your consumers?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is what you are looking for. Not only do IP Phones look modern, but their advanced technology allows you to eliminate unnecessary phone bills. You read that right, let's eliminate your phone bill.

voip phone systems.PNG

Not only is it cost effective, but it is a very flexible, reliable and mobile solution.

We don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk

Computer Programming

Hardware and Software

Never regret buying technology again!  We understand how tedious and confusing it can be to choose from so many different products that essentially do the same thing.  We help you understand the hardware and software you are purchasing and explain the pros and cons of each product.  Our various partnerships  with vendors, manufacturers and distributors allow us to provide the following at competitive pricing:

hardware and sofware.PNG

Buy Smart

  • Routers

  • Network Switches

  • Server Room Equipment

  • Software

  • Licensing

  • Operating Systems

  • Phones

  • Cables

  • Adapters

  • and much more..

  • Servers

  • Workstations

  • Laptops

  • Tablets

  • Monitors

  • Security Cameras

  • Backup Storage

  • Computer Parts

  • Printers

  • Scanners

  • Firewalls

  • Wireless Access Points

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