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High Definition Hookah + Us

All-Inclusive Marketing and IT solution specially designed for you

High Definition came to us before they opened their doors to the public. We helped them deliver a strong message to a targeted audience in an extremely efficient way.  They were established in 2019 and are now arguably the best hookah lounge in El Paso TX.  Getting customers has never been an issue because their online presence is so appealing; its a must go. They are now relocating to a much bigger location and keep strengthening their brand with our services.

How We Help

Website Design 

HD came to us with a concept and basic functions the website "must have". We were able to present to them features of technology they were not familiar with and surpass their expectations.  Consumers are able to make reservations online, purchase merchandise, and learn how their hookah lounge is unique

Google My Business Rich Snippet 

We opened and fully configured a google my business account that now currently had a 5 star ranking with over 100 reviews.  Currently top 3 result in all hookah related searches with a rich snippet.

Unlimited Photoshoots

Having unlimited access to a local studio and friendly photographers is a great way to generate new and unique content on a regular basis.

Social Media Management

We manage Facebook and Instagram for this client. Posting optimized content on a scheduled basis is imperative for account growth. 

Marketing Campaigns

With our campaigns high definition has been able to deliver a strong message to their target audience and stand out from the competition. 

Competitive Research

Our marketing campaigns have research to back them up, that is why they are highly successful. We look at the main competition around your area and we develop something highly competitive. 

Network Administration

We help setup and maintain proper bandwidth distribution to the business and their customers. We configure and maintain PCI compliance,  setup POS system and camera systems.

Hardware and Software

High Definition is more than happy with the equipment we recommended. Plus, they have access to unlimited tech support. 

Facebook Wi-Fi

This means your clients are able to connect to your guest network in exchange for a share in Facebook. Implementing this increases online traffic drastically for our client.

Image by Charles Deluvio
branding and logo


Optimized website design

Competitive Website Design

Hookah photoshoot

Build for Success

Online reservations

Online Reservations

high definition hookah lounge photoshoot

Unlimited Photoshoots

event flyer for client

Promote Events and Specials 

online menu

Online Menu

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