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Hardware and Software

All-Inclusive Marketing and IT solution specially designed for you

Getting the best and appropriate hardware can be a confusing task if you are not well versed in technology.  Do you need a domain or workstation environment? How are you storing data? Do you need a dedicated IT room and network equipment? What is the best software for you? Many more questions come up through the process of opening or upgrading your business. Allow us to show you your options so an educated decision can be made. 

The Whole Enchilada

We are here to make IT simple for you. Let us walk you through an ordering scenario.

Planning and Structuring

This is where we talk about your goal and how different options of technology can get you there quicker. We also make sure we plan the installation and configuration around your business hours to minimize downtime


You do not worry about ordering the right parts and licenses. We send you an budget-friendly invoice, once approved we take care of ordering and scheduling an installation date that works with you.

Installation and Configuration

Once all the equipment arrives to our office, we give you a call and schedule the soonest available date for installation. We also provide you with a scope of work and estimated project duration. At this point, we have agreed what your new technology will do for you and we ensure all your hardware and software are optimized to increase your business productivity. 

Enjoy or call us for support

After installation, you can start enjoying the benefits of a smart and efficient network. Plus, we proactively administer your network to ensure it keep operating at its best. However, if you ever need support, we offer the unlimited kind!

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Connect your devices

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Build for Success

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