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Dump Bodies + Us

All-Inclusive Marketing and IT solution specially designed for you

This business was started by a father and son a few years ago. They provide businesses with dumping solutions all around El Paso, TX. The owners are very creative and tech savvy, therefore, they take care of their whole marketing strategy. They can still count on us for the occasional marketing consultation. However, we have become an asset to their business by securing and managing their network in an efficient way. 

How We Help

Internet Solutions

We helped dump bodies purchase their best internet option and helped through out the installation process. Starting by calling Spectrum and ending by optimizing and configuring their equipment. 

Hardware and Software

We helped find the right hardware at the right price. Plus, we installed and optimized every device and application. 

Managed Anti-Virus

Each endpoint for this client is configured with our cloud antivirus. We monitor all endpoints 24/7 and automate remediation. 

Business Priority Support 

Applications and hardware fail at the most inconvenient times. Our clients count on us for unlimited remote and on-site support. Our technicians can be reached by email, phone or text. 

Network Documentation and Configuration

We notate ISP information, credentials, and keep organized notes of network changes. This makes asset and password management a breeze. 

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Unlimited Tech Support


24/7 Monitoring

Data Storage

Business Continuity

protect your data

Managed Anti-Virus

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