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Disaster Recovery

All-Inclusive Marketing and IT solution specially designed for you

Our disaster recovery solutions can fit any budget. The purpose is to provide business continuity in case of a disaster. Our expertise and friendly team will design a solution that fits your needs! 

There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Configuring the appropriate recovery point and time is vital when recovering from a disaster. We can help you determine the solution that best suits your business. Our various partnerships and expertise can provide a cost effective solution that provides business continuity and advance ransomware detection.

We work hard to prevent disasters, however, if one ever occurred we are more than prepared. We create the recovery plan, recover with least downtime possible, and allow you to continue business operations during the recovery process.


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Backup at nova design

Plan the Execution and Execute the Plan


Storage Made for You

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Unlimited Tech Support

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Impresive Response Times

What To Expect

Most business store data and conduct business in their own way. Therefore each solution might vary from client to client. 

  • Email Down? We can archive cloud email services such as Office 365 and G suite.

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