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Cloud Solutions

All-Inclusive Marketing and IT solution specially designed for you

Are you looking for an easy way to access your files from multiple devices from anywhere you go? This is one of the many benefits of migrating your business to the cloud. Oh, did we mention it could also reduce your hardware cost tremendously? Never worry about hardware getting dusty, slow and obsolete.  

Many applications are providing cloud options to their users. For instance, Office 365, G-suite, medical applications, dental applications, adobe, VoIP systems, anti-virus, disaster recovery solutions and many others. Depending on the way you conduct business and access your data, uploading to the cloud might be the way to go. Connect with us and we can build you a cloud environment that suits your needs perfectly.

Key Features:

  • Always access to latest versions

  • Access files from any location with internet

  • Access your files from any device

  • Save on hardware cost

  • Secure and Compliant 

  • Business calls on the go

  • and many more



A cloud made for you


We Handle IT  

Local and Cloud backups are great and we recommend having both types of backups implemented. However, cloud backups provide more benefits at a friendly monthly rate.

We guarantee minimal to zero downtime depending on the solution. We can recover to a stand-by cloud server. While we restore you from the disaster, all your data will be fully accessible with no apparent hiccups to staff and clients. 

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